Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sock Sniper

Just the colors the Belgian likes!
 I joined a group called Sock Sniper a couple of months ago. It's kind of a round robin game, just like Sock Wars only with a different name.  My target was The Belgian. I knew her sock size, her address, and what colors she preferred. If I could get her socks done and mailed, she'd be dead. (Out of the game, not actually dead, but we're trying to be serious here.)
Klaus, my cylon friend, poses with the socks in progress for the Belgian
At 9 am on September 1st, the pattern was released.  I knit socks for The Belgian as fast as I could, but ran into trouble. My arms started acting up, so I had to slow down. Too much.
In the meantime, 0058 was knitting socks for me. 0058 was nearing completion when she received her little package of death from Killer Bunny. (socks) 0058 immediately stopped work on the socks for me and sent them to Killer Bunny.
Now Killer Bunny had me in her sights. Too bad for me. As I struggled to finish socks for the Belgian, Killer Bunny's package for me arrived.(Cylon not included.) Now I'm out, too. But I've got a lovely pair of socks.

Guess you could say I died happy
And Killer Bunny has another pair of socks to finish. Nyah!

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