Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine Finish!

All done! This pattern from Blackbird Designs (originally titled "A Valentine Message") just zipped right along. I wanted to try and substitute another color for the tweeded flower outlines, but nothing looked just right and now I'm glad that I followed the pattern.
The only difficulty I ran into was in creating the letters in the word "Memory" to look like they belonged there in the first place. I think I did okay. I researched Blackbird Designs' alphabets online.
And I got back to work on Sturbridge Village. I hope it gets done soon. I'm a little weary of it. I'd planned to work on my DD's Asian quilt today... oh, well. Maybe I can finish the back tomorrow. After my pedicure. After I get the oil change.


Chiloe said...

You did great Desi !!! It's beautiful: the pattern, the message, the fabric !!! Are you going to frame it? YOu did a great job for the letters !

Pink.Canary said...

wow! that's wonderful!