Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Holy Sheet, part deux

You may not remember my Holy Sheet post, where I was so pleased by my repair work, gosh, a whole month and a half ago, but I do. Notice anything? Like the tears around the repairs? Since I couldn't find any online advice, I patched it with quilting cotton and used a buttonhole stitch around it. That heavy stitching seems to have emphasized the surrounding weak fabric. I'd say the further damage was caused by my thrashing around style of sleeping. (And you wonder why I knit.) Here's another view.
So I decided to cover the whole weakened area with fabric from an old pillowcase. I made a very large patch this time (the ruler's 18" long). I started with a blanket stitch, but that seemed to be leaving a lovely little perforation around the patch (not a good start!) so I quickly switched to zigzag. Yes, I know the whole thing's wrinkled. I forgot to take a picture before I folded it up and put it away. I ironed it to work on it and that's enough. Ironing sheets is for those who love the iron way more than I do.