Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holy Sheet!

My favorite blue sheet has become holy. Not that it's been beatified (Saint Sheet!)--I mean holey. Serves me right for buying the pretty one! Well, I decided to be a thrifty gal instead of buying a new one. I searched the net to find out how to patch it--not much luck. So I used a clothes-patching tutorial and a piece of quilting scrap to take care of the job. I pinned the patch in place and zig-zagged around it with good old Molly. I thought I'd be doing it by hand but I couldn't find anything in that way. We'll see how it launders. I was going to say, we'll see how it comes out in the wash, but that seems just too cliche. Aren't you glad I refrained?
Soy-Lent Green socks got finished on a long drive to the mountains with my family. Here's the story: The Man of the Place hadn't been driving much, so I've been the driver (which I dislike: I'm a much better passenger than he is... or just about anybody. It's one of my special skills.) I had got it into my head that I'd be driving, so I packed up the car and my nearly-finished socks (just in case I had some spare moments at the picnic area) and, when I went to sit in the driver's seat, he was already there. I was so flabbergasted I didn't think to go inside and get more handwork: I just sat down in the passenger seat with a shocked-yet-grateful look on my face and closed the door.
Needless to say, the socks got done when I still had above an hour's worth of riding time. So I just cast on some of the very small amount of remaining yarn and knit. It's the start of another soy sock, but just the start. I tucked it away when we got home and may or may not finish it with more soy scraps. At least it kept me from twiddling my thumbs.

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