Friday, June 12, 2009

Second Sock Syndrome

Faith told me about a pair of socks she had been knitting. She didn't really want to make the second sock as the pattern hadn't been fun for her. I said I understood and suggested she give it to a lady with one foot. Well, she decided to give it to a lady with one sock. In other words, she gave me the completed sock, the pattern (Girl's Best Friend Socks), and the yarn to make the next sock! Wow! The cuff does look like a challenge, but why not? So I'll start on that one soon. Nice to have a project already half done simply by opening the bag...
Disappearing Stitches
I know the Ooh--Shiny! hat looks like it's been knitted backwards (tinK, tinK), but no! I had to frog the whole thing and start over because I got lost. "How do you get lost when you're just going in a circle? You're just doing a simple rib," I hear you say. Yeah, well. Because the right side is identical to the wrong side, it's easy to flip it over and just go horribly wrong. This time I marked the right side with a safety pin. And after I secured it properly and figured out how to keep it from sipping around the stitches and marking the wrong side, things have been going very well, thanks for asking.

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