Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Green Swan

It strikes me that I didn't show you the picture of the latest oopsy before I done fixed it. This is the danger of using the same symbol for different colors in the pattern. Twice in this pattern "x" is used, once for shell-grey, once for medium blue-green. I must assume that the original had it in blue for one of the colors. But I photocopied it in black and white. Dur.
Anyhoo, without careful reading, I stitched all, and I mean ALL, of the swan's detailing in green before I asked myself, "but what about the grey?" I had a choice then.

  1. Toss the whole project

  2. Pull out the green and sew it in the correct color.

  3. Toss the fabric and start over with something new.

So I slept on it. My brain works better that way. I chose option #2. And I'm glad.

Really? A Green Swan? How... modern.