Monday, January 7, 2008

Hearts Stitched Up

I started this series of cross-stitch hearts this Easter when we travelled to Belize. I wanted something easy that I wasn't in love with (in case something happened to it.) Turns out the reason I wasn't in love with it was that two of the hearts were this hideous apricot-grey color (I know--yuck!), the charts were hand-drawn and pretty bad, and the floss colors seem to have been chosen with little regard for what goes together! I knew it was pretty old but not just how old--it's dated 1987! Anyway, with some tweaks and some changes, here are the first four hearts and the situation in which they were sewn.
Welcome Friends
a very bumpy van ride in Guatemala
Quaker Heart-Holders
airline flight and gramma-sitting
Quilted Trees
Sitting under a canopy in the jungle watching the rain, listening to the birdsong
Flight from Paris (ah, Paris!)
There are two more in process. Way back when, before I read the instructions, I sealed the edges with fray-check so I can't follow the directions for finishing. Any suggestions?