Monday, February 28, 2011

Knittin Kitten

So the only thing I've finished this month is really easy slippers. The pattern is Amy March Slippers: a freebie from Tiny Owl Knits. And they used up some of the stranger balls in my stash. I'm counting 'em as socks on my 2011: the Madness list. I know they don't have cuffs and some people would say they're not socks but I made the list. I make the rules. So there.

Comfy, cozy, smooshy, whooshy slippers! Yup, it's the perfect thing for a working woman to slip on at the end of the day. And who's that working woman? Yup. Me! I've actually had a paycheck. Seems unbelievable. I had kind of a ceremonial opening of the pay envelope. It was awesome. And my boss has used these words about me: wonderful
He's been trying to figure me out: why I work so hard and I'm so cheerful. Dur. I'm happy!
  1. I like working with the public.
  2. I like games.
  3. I like being appreciated.