Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Unearthing the Sewing Machine

As my studio is the place where everything goes when I'm tidying for guests, it's always the last room cleaned. (Read as Rarely Ever TIDY) And guess where the guys went on Christmas Eve to watch the game? You got it in one! My studio. At least the stocking stuffers were hidden (under the laundry) and no unmentionables were in sight!
As for my work...
Yes, yes, I know Christmas won't be for another 363, but maybe my Christmas quilt will be done by then. It's simple, a Stitched Scraps pattern, that I've been using as leaders and enders for several months. Also, I got out my Oriental Lanterns to get some progress on it. My daughter claimed this one long ago. I suppose she'd like to sleep under it some day!