Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Galumphing Grasshoppers!

I really don't like it when bloggers or podcasters apologize for "being gone so long." I rarely notice it myself unless they point it out. So I'm not pointing it out. And you're not noticing. Are we clear on that?
As I am a working woman (I'm afraid to say working girl these days--my duties are extensive, but not that extensive), my time and energies are more limited. I find myself working mostly on projects that are

  1. well-directed and don't involve much modification. For instance, I finished my Smoke Flowers Socks. The chart--pattern is Hearts & Flowers" by Wendy D. Johnson--is very easy to read. Not to mention that I'd already started these socks before THE JOB and was well under way. I think they're so pretty!

  2. automatic. These purple-on-black Vanilla socks are always with me. The perfect thing to knit in the dark. (Not to fix in the dark--I need a really bright light for that!)ooh, Purple Vanilla... or Violet Vanilla, or Black Vanilla... what do you think? I need a name for this project. I'll hold off calling it something until I get some input (That's your cue, Dude... Dudette... Dude-Being: click the respond button and tell me what you think I should call it.

  3. with friends. This is my Knit-in-Public evidence. The project is Callsign Required socks.Even though I miss a lot of meetings these days. I'd like to schedule a different time of the week for an alternate knit meeting. If I can figure out a regular time...

  4. Fun & easy. More about that later. If you're good.

And no, there aren't any grasshoppers in the blog. But feel free to make yourself one.