Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bombs Away!

Yes, indeedy, I have completed the Flaming Purple Death Socks and sent them to my target. Now, I just have to wait. And wait. Ooh, hold on--I can check the tracking number.... feh, in transit. Of course, the scariest part is checking the mailbox. I don't know if my assassin--we'll call her X--has finished and mailed my death socks or is just casting on. That's really the scenario I'm hoping for. Or maybe she just got a promotion and is so busy all she can do when she gets home is eat a Lean Cuisine and hit the sheets.
In the meantime the Iron Knitter competition has begun. From the same evil geniuses who brought you Sock Wars comes Iron Knitter! This one involves solving puzzles and knitting what? More socks. The pattern's called Soxual Persuasion. (Tee-hee!) It's a good combo of intense patterning and plain knitting. I'm using a yarn called Banshee and I think it's looking like braids, so I'm calling this project Banshee Braids socks.I'm about halfway down the leg. When I finish the pair and post it to Ravelry, I get the next set of clues. I'm such a sucker for games.