Friday, January 27, 2012

Pictures or it's not Done

The Viper Pilot socks (Callsign Required) have jumped back into normal space. I remembered wrong and thought there was an error in my knitting. I must have spent an hour looking at the pattern and the socks trying to find the problem. I even tinked (that's k-n-i-t backwards) out three rows looking for the error. The error was there was no error. And the past me left no notes for the future (now present) me. (Actually now past, too.) I found my spot and got to work. The heel is now completed--although the pattern is a little vague on the heel flap--and I'm on to the foot. That means this project is 30% done.

  • 10% cuff,

  • 10% leg,

  • 10% heel & gusset,

  • 10% foot,

  • 10% toe and weaving in ends.
Yeah, I know that's only 50%: there's a whole 'nuther sock to do. It was started in April of 2010 and seemed really hard. Now it's just paying attention.
These French Press slippers got done last year. I dove into my button stash to find a fun way to complete 'em. Yep, I know they don't match. I'm happy. I did the finishing touches back in November but POIND. (Pictures or it's not done.) Now it's done.
In a Garden got framed up and I'm very pleased with how it came out.

Now that it's framed it counts as done. I guess that's FOIND.