Sunday, July 4, 2010

No, Not Really

People can't help but ask, How did you hurt your hands? Well, here's the mitigated, heavily varnished truth: I was training for Tour de Fleece*, feeling stronger by the day. I was pushing myself pretty hard when I hit a banana peel slick. Turns out that the local circus had lost containment on its monkeys at the same time a sensitive delivery of extra-slick experimental bananas were being delivered to a nearby biotech firm. Well, there must have been about a hundred peels right in front of me. Completely unavoidable. I spun out out and flew over the handlebars. All I can say is thank God for the raft of cream pies that cushioned my landing. Twenty clowns piled out of a tiny ambulance, but the best they could do is suggest I rest my hands, knit slowly, and avoid washing dishes.
Kaylee-nomah, made from Kaylee yarn in the Multnomah shawl pattern (pdf), which is slow-knit friendly. Beaded Slayer Sox--to be avoided until further notice. (Buffy Anklets pattern in Noro Kureyon Sock.) 1 mm crochet hook. I honestly had no idea these existed. That's what you use to get beads on Slayer Sox.

*a knitting and spinning event that parallels Tour de France and has actually nothing to do with bicycling. Or pie.