Sunday, September 9, 2007

Your Opinion is Solicited

Trippin' Out, the quilt for Vince, has come back all assembled from Therese. See the beautiful cross back that Cathy made?

Also, I spent a little overtime at PQM meeting and finished the top for Siesta. See the gauchos havin' their nappy-time? The crazy 9-patch blocks were rejects from a swap--they didn't quite fit the guidelines, but now they have a home. And the siesta fabric has been begging to be used since we started this ministry. I can't wait to see how Cathy does the cross for this one! Opinions solicited: I really liked how the blocks just floated on the blue, but maybe it's a little weird; should I trim the blue and add another border?

Now I must must must spend some time working on quilts for the family! Has anybody else noticed that charity quilts get done and personal quilts just sit in the box?