Sunday, September 9, 2007

Your Opinion is Solicited

Trippin' Out, the quilt for Vince, has come back all assembled from Therese. See the beautiful cross back that Cathy made?

Also, I spent a little overtime at PQM meeting and finished the top for Siesta. See the gauchos havin' their nappy-time? The crazy 9-patch blocks were rejects from a swap--they didn't quite fit the guidelines, but now they have a home. And the siesta fabric has been begging to be used since we started this ministry. I can't wait to see how Cathy does the cross for this one! Opinions solicited: I really liked how the blocks just floated on the blue, but maybe it's a little weird; should I trim the blue and add another border?

Now I must must must spend some time working on quilts for the family! Has anybody else noticed that charity quilts get done and personal quilts just sit in the box?


Sarah Nopp said...

Ohhh- your wonky 9-patches are a scream! I love it. Keep the blue, if it looks weird... could you add something to tie it in? Some sort of embellishment? Blue vines perhaps?

VB said...

You asked if anybody else noticed how charity projects get done but personal ones don't. Advice I received from a seasoned quilter who has sewn dozens and dozens of quilts for charity - work one sewing session on charity item; next sewing session work on personal UFO. This system eliminates the guilt and enables you to do stuff for yourself as well as others.