Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funky Frogs of Looove!

See what I did yesterday? I tell you, this pattern works up so fast! (Even when you barely have enough of some of the fabrics! The lovelovelove and the stripey fabric was just enough to do the job.) I wonder how many of this pattern I'm gonna make.

Stashbuster Alert! I was driving home Sunday and thinking about my stash. Hmm, I thought, I've got some frog fabric. So I got into the green box and pulled out the two from there. I think I could use some pink to offset the green. So I opened the pink/red box. Ooh, pink frogs! But they won't go nicely with the green frogs. Guess I'll have to make another quilt with just pink frogs. So I cut up the green frog fabric and the pink frog fabric and coordinating fabrics for both. You know, I think I may have some really ugly purple frog fabric... And whatever happened to the orange frog fabric? So it's called "The Funky Frogs of Looove". See the frogs? See the love?