Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Eve Revisited

Here's my New Year's Eve food list: shopping and cooking. Yes, I was a busy little puppy! I love having people over and I like cooking (by the way, don't bother with that noodle pudding--Bethie's is much better!) Most of my recipes came from Elegant but Easy--some of which are neither elegant nor easy. However, the punch, the green stuff, the cake, and the devilled eggs came out okay. DH didn't like the eggs, but other people did, so there!

Saw "The Waterhorse" tonight--very good. Have only done a little sewing on my Christmas Tree Farm while waiting at the doctor's office. So, how come they ask you to come 15 minutes early and still take you late?

Whew, I'm a little jumbled. I promise to take my camera to quilting tomorrow. I might even take pictures! Good night and God bless.