Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011, Here I Come!

I was looking for a gadget that I could use to keep track of my progress on my 2011 goals. TickerFactory seemed great, but I could only get it to configure one ticker. Boo. So I guess I'll have to just do it by hand. (Until genius strikes... and that could be a while.) I'll just put the text into my sidebar. But first, I'll run it by you:

Socks: Make 12 pairs (1 down as of yesterday!) That means there should be one pair/month. I can probably do that, seeing as I have four pairs already started.
Baby Booties: Make 6 pairs (They keep getting born!)
Sweater: Make 1 for me (I know, I should have made a sweater for myself long ago. Wipe that smug look off your face, you experienced sweater-knitters and send me some good mojo!)
Gloves: Make 3 pairs (I just want more gloves!)
Hats: Make 1 (I figure I will anyway, so if I put it in the list, it looks like I planned it.)
Charity: Make 2 projects (Bears, hats, whatever...)
New First Cousin, Once Removed, on the Way: make something. (Consult with first cousin)

Non-charity quilts: Complete 6 (Somehow it's just easier to make them for someone else.)
Charity tops: Make 12 (Tops are what they want.)

Morsbags: Make 30 (and give them out--Earth Day is April 22)
Zipper bags: Make 30 (sci-fi/fantasy theme will be fun!)

Cross-stitch projects
: Complete 6 (any size)

"Involved" projects: Complete 1
Earrings: Make 20 pairs for sale

Reading (Actual books, audio doesn't count.)
S&SF/Asimov mags: read 12 (That's only one/month and the backlog of unread 'zines is embarrassing.)
Non-fiction Books: read 4 (What? Only four? Yeah. Probably the ones on last year's book list.)
Classic Literature: read 4 (So here's the funny bit: the Bible is composed of 66 books. Some of them are really short. And they count as Classic Literature. Heh.)
Other Books: read 12 (That's right. Any old trash I want! Or if I decide to read 16 works of classic literature, they can count here. What? It could happen.)

Phew! So, you think I can do it? Of course, I'll probably wind up adding to the list...