Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swanee River

So I'm back to "Bird of Love." It's so much easier now that I've finished the white parts. The stitching was picky in those places. I couldn't do the quick down-up movement, you know, when you slip the needle into the fabric and right out the top again in one move. I had to actually pull the whole thread through the fabric down and through the fabric up. That was really slow. Also, the filet cross-stitch looks good with only a half-cross, so that's what I'm trying. You can see it in the swirly wave things at the bottom. If I like it, this little sweetheart will get done soon. We'll see.

Also, the Black Orchid socks have had some progress: one down, one left to go. So now I can say that I am knitting socks, not just a sock. Yay. I have 'em on size 0 needles (that's kinda like a long toothpick to the non-knitters out there). This way the socks should last a good long time. Tighter knit=thicker fabric=holes take longer to develop=less crying when I have to toss 'em.