Monday, June 21, 2010

Like Snowflakes

I've been spending a little time making up my zip pouches. I made and brought three to my knitting group on Saturday and they all got snapped right up... before I could even take pictures. One was gone before I got the camera out, even! Their new owners had already stuffed 'em so their PiPs (Projects in Progress) are in the shot.I got a wild hair and did a little machine embroidery--a special bonus. Don't ever expect that to happen again. It's... uh, a special edition. Yeah. I guess they all are, though. I mean, I make 'em from scraps so I just use up what's there. No two alike. Like snowflakes. 'Cept they don't melt when you catch 'em on your tongue.

I Can't Show You

I've been working on a quilt for a friend... but I can't show you.
It's made up of photo blocks that show her daughter as she grew up... but I can't show you.
Every picture has her name and address and face... that's WHY I can't show you.
What I can show you is the fabric I'm using. Special note: she's Goth.
Goth (adjective) partial to anything a vampire would find trendy and fun, such as black velvet, grey satin, burgundy jewels, and sleeping in a coffin or coffin-like surroundings.
After really looking at the photos, which you can't do--I think I made that point already--I decided that using black fabric to frame the photos would wash 'em out, so I chose this grey. I think it falls into the goth sensibilities, even if it's a little on the perky side of goth. And I needed another color for contrast, so I chose a red-orange batik, with touches of green. The problem with this fabric is it's like a djinni--it doesn't show on film very well.* The color falls somewhere between what you can see in the corner of this picture... ... and this shot. It actually works quite well. It picks up a lot of the colors in the photos and makes me happy, which is really what matters, after all.
Oh, and Stashbuster Alert! This is made from stuff I've already got--woo-hoo!
*Remember the wedding episode of I Dream of Jeannie, where Jeannie couldn't be in the wedding because she wouldn't show up in the photos? No? Just me, huh. (sigh) Why am I the only one who was paying attention?