Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank Heavens for Little Goals

Get the Maurice Chevalier reference? Anyway, I've been making progress on long-term projects by setting little goals:
  1. Basketweave Dress: 4 rows/day (more is fine)
  2. Girl Scout Vest: 4 patches/day
  3. Fiction: read 10 pages/day (more is fine)
  4. Exercise: 30 minutes/day (more is fine)
  5. Bible: read a day's worth from the Victory Bible Reading Plan every day.
  6. One housewifely chore a day. (more is fine, but puh-leeze!)
  7. Binding Oriental Quilt: 1'/day (I made that up just now; we'll see how it works out.)

See! The basketweave dress is moving right along!

And I have amnesty. I refuse to chastise myself for forgetting or not getting around to it. That may work for some people, but I've never been a fan of negative reinforcement.

There should be a cross-stitch goal, but it can wait until the vest is done. Only one or two more days on that.

Progress so far on the vest Patches left to sew on