Thursday, September 4, 2008

Making Stitching into a Quilt!

I finally finished Liberty Bears and when I say finished, I mean FINISHED. I decided not to frame it, but to make it into a mini-wall quilt. Since the fabric is a muted tone, I think it can handle not being protected by glass. Also, there's the cost of framing that I have saved. Yay, me. AND, everything I used was from stuff I already had. Stashbuster Alert!

So, I'll take you through the process.
I found a backing large enough and laid it out. (It had to have these additional features: not clashing with the binding fabric I'd already chosen and not being so dark it could stain the wall.)
Then I added some batting. (Leftovers from Cielo). Then I laid out Liberty Bears on top.I used a square ruler to shift the fabric over. As it was a loose weave, it complied without blocking: yay!
I cut the whole thing--top, batting, and back 1.5" from the edge of the stitching. No question that this was the scariest part!
I pinned around the whole thing every inch, as Theres recommends.
I machine-sewed down the binding, like these instructions at
I flipped it over and sewed down the binding by hand, using the invisible stitch.
I sewed down two large and otherwise useless stitch markers on the back for hanging it up.