Friday, August 17, 2012

Colorama Mama finally got her completion. She looked a little weird with just a face and all that crazy color, so I embroidered stars down one side. (It may have been Olympic fever.) She's really my first completed crochet project, that wasn't a plain string bookmark or a little edging on a knit project.

I got heavily involved in the Ravellinics this year. (That's the new name for Ravolympics.) It's the yarnie event sponsored by Ravelry that is based on the Olympic games.  This is what I was doing for the Work-in-Progress event: the pattern is called Viper Pilot Socks. (I named 'em Callsign Required.)  You had to pick up something that hadn't been worked on for two months and finish it. This was a real toughie: I had started it in 2010--before I got a job! 
  It's got cables and complicated patterning. The real bummer was that I ran out of yarn. So I worked in this red. I tried to make it gradual so it wouldn't show, but it's pretty darn obvious.
 Not pretty, but I medalled in WIPS Wrestling.  And I think it really was wrestling. More like rasslin'.
And the darn thing is done.  Phew.