Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is this a Bad Idea?

I've been twittering and decided to follow one of the actors from Heroes: David H. Lawrence XVII. Shortly after, I received this message:
Thanks for following me! Please let me know why u did at (insert email addy here) (and yes this is really me, not a bot)
So, here's what I'm sending him:
Okay. Why am I following you? Um. I'm not. I was just... going to the same Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and Gee, That Was a Really Expensive Gadget store as you. The tracking device on the right wheel-well of your car has nothing to do with it. (No, don't go looking for it.) It's just a weird co-inkidink that I happen to have enjoyed your interview on 10th Wonder and your views on popular culture, not to mention (except that I am) your bizarre sense of humor. I'm not following you. I'm just, um... ooh, look, shiny!
He's smart. He'll know I'm kidding, right? Right?

Knittin' Sittin'

I'm not a slug. I'm not. Really. I have a good excuse for not blogging and it involves doctors (not mine) and beds (okay, mine). But I'm not tellin'. So there.
I will reiterate my blog commitment: I commit to bogging three times a week, with absolute forgiveness if I don't. So there. Again.
In the meantime, I've been getting a fair amount of knittin' sittin' time. I finished the Koolhaat, and Tiny loves it. Yay!
I got the yarn for the Griffindor arm warmers, but I'm still waiting on the pattern. (Boo.)
I've started on another pair of soy socks, since I LOVE them. I'm calling these Soy-Lent Green, seeing as they're soy, it's lent, and well, green. These are my TV watching project, although NonSense has been there for a while.
Speaking of which: Yay. Sock #1 is almost done! Almost toe-time!
And here's the weird one. It's a headband. It is too. Really. I started out following a pattern but was running out of yarn. Um. Trust me, it looks pretty good on. Okay, but it only took two days.
So, yes, knitting galore. But hospital light is too freaking dim for stitching. And they frown on setting up a sewing machine there. They get really upset when you start up with the iron and rotary cutter. (But doesn't it make sense to be in a hospital if you're going to burn and/or cut something off of yourself that you normally have attached?)