Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is this a Bad Idea?

I've been twittering and decided to follow one of the actors from Heroes: David H. Lawrence XVII. Shortly after, I received this message:
Thanks for following me! Please let me know why u did at (insert email addy here) (and yes this is really me, not a bot)
So, here's what I'm sending him:
Okay. Why am I following you? Um. I'm not. I was just... going to the same Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and Gee, That Was a Really Expensive Gadget store as you. The tracking device on the right wheel-well of your car has nothing to do with it. (No, don't go looking for it.) It's just a weird co-inkidink that I happen to have enjoyed your interview on 10th Wonder and your views on popular culture, not to mention (except that I am) your bizarre sense of humor. I'm not following you. I'm just, um... ooh, look, shiny!
He's smart. He'll know I'm kidding, right? Right?

1 comment:

km said...

That's HILARIOUS. He'll know you're kidding. If he doesn't, he deserves whatever paranoid fantasies that gives him.