Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Rest of the Story

This was lunch today. Do not fear the Spam.
I had some fun yarn shopping yesterday and decided to get creative with the pictures, so, I present to you my new acquisitions:

Tiny wants arm warmers in Griffindor colors--that's gold and red to you non-Harry Potter fans--so I think these will do handily. (The worsted weight we picked up earlier was just too thick for the pattern.) Besides, the gold is shiny. Ooh, look, shiny!

Also, Tiny got seduced by these luscious glittery purples and wants a hat. I will comply.

Knit Pix is so cool! They have a very good return policy. While I was knitting the Sense sock, I experienced a horrible knitting-related accident: the end pulled off of the needle! Instead of calling the insurance company, I called the seller direct. They will replace my needles, no problem. As long as I wasn't skydiving or shark-baiting, they are very cool. And since they were sending needles, I ordered a book. This one.Because... there's a new baby coming! Yay! My cuz is all preggers. I started a new set of booties, too.
The Non-Sense & Sensibility Socks:
Sense is done. So glad to say I'm halfway there. As to the pattern: I've never done a triple decrease for a toe. It looks pretty, but we'll see how it feels under a shoe. On to Sensibility.
And now, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. (the beginning of the story is here.) I got an email back from my pet TV star: David H. Lawrence, XVII. Here's what the man himself had to say: "Yeah, that's the story of my life - a chick stalks me, and then is distracted by something shinier... than my head." He's got a point. It is shiny.


Chiloe said...

I don't recognize you in the way you write: did someone got into your body and took possession of your brain? lol Did you smoke something more than herbal tea? lol Just kidding !!!! It's funny though ;-)

rn/ said...

love seeing someone else with an S&S sock done!