Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitchen Knittin'

The Girl's Best Friend socks are finished. Of course, it helps that I only had to make one to have myself a pair! (Thanks, Faith! Your second sock syndrome was my bonus.) Anybody else want to pass on their half-done sock projects?
Cherrytini Jubilee is chugging right along. I really like to look at this one--pink is such a happy color! Check out my new cable needle. Turns out I had a box of 'em in the kitchen all along!
Yes, I know it's really a toothpick. Dur. It was Faith's idea. It's also handy if I've been eating corn.
And speaking of things that come from the kitchen, a new pair of tofu socks are in the making. I started 'em during Comic Con and got a good inch and a half done during Harry Potter. Always good to have a brainless project in the pipeline.And then there's the reason for a need for brainless projects: Ai-ah! This one is seriously charted with a new type of stitch: the twisted right-leaning decrease (Say that one five times fast.) The pattern is called Verdigris. It's a pair of fingerless gloves and is patterned so pretty. Go to the link for the picture and the free pattern. I'm calling this project Hartfield Gloves, for the home of Emma Woodhouse in the Jane Austen novel, Emma, which I'm currently reading. The project seems ambitious enough for Emma herself to begin, if not finish. I think I've got a little more staying power, though.

The yarn is alpaca and a bit fuzzy and soft as all get out. Sport gave me the yarn from her stash. I'm a little worried that the fuzz might obscure the pattern, but it'll probably be fine. Seems okay in the photo, huh?