Friday, December 4, 2009

Under the Weather

You know how they teach you in geology that there is magma deep under the earth's crust? That's about as far under the weather I am. Deep. The Man of the Place said I'd be feeling better today, but I sure showed him! Ha! I win. (But the prize really stinks.)
Today, Tiny had soccer practice near where we meet for knit group so I figured I'd join 'em--from another table to avoid infecting anyone--while I waited for her. It was so nice being around the girls, even when under the weather. I worked on this little red sweater: it's mostly stockinette so I prefer to knit this when I'm otherwise distracted. TV, conversation, reading... it's all good for this project. It's a Christmas giftie so I should get it done ASAP.
However, I have to have a little fun. I've been just speeding along on a project with no deadline. Another pair of what? Socks. Of course. You know I've got to make socks. It's turned into a compulsion. This one takes some attention, but I'm okay with that. These are called Dippers. The author says that the pattern looks like honey dippers. Really? If you say so.