Monday, June 21, 2010

Like Snowflakes

I've been spending a little time making up my zip pouches. I made and brought three to my knitting group on Saturday and they all got snapped right up... before I could even take pictures. One was gone before I got the camera out, even! Their new owners had already stuffed 'em so their PiPs (Projects in Progress) are in the shot.I got a wild hair and did a little machine embroidery--a special bonus. Don't ever expect that to happen again. It's... uh, a special edition. Yeah. I guess they all are, though. I mean, I make 'em from scraps so I just use up what's there. No two alike. Like snowflakes. 'Cept they don't melt when you catch 'em on your tongue.


Julie said...

Those are some nice looking project bags!

Free Range Chick said...

I do love your little bags. Sorry I haven't been to a group in so long. Saturdays are tough with the kids activities and all. But we are down there almost every Tuesday for the summer if you are ever available?