Thursday, June 11, 2009

Everybody Loves Zombies

I think this yarn looks like you took a pack of crayons, left 'em in the car on a hot day, and then colored with 'em. So I'm calling the project Zombie Crayonsox. (Zombie because the "dead" crayons will be animated once you put a foot in 'em.) It's an easy sock pattern that I've had for a long time and never completely used. Same goes for the yarn. Kinda hard to tell which is the ball and which is the sock, huh? Well, I'll be sure and put it on a foot next time.

Forensic study may show that the heel has been turned (yay!) and the mate will begin to germinate soon.The Funky Frogs of Looove quilt is nearing completion. I've been trying to work on the border about 10 minutes every day. The back of the quilt is so eye-searingly pink that a time limit is only in self-defense. I do like it, but I couldn't photograph it. I can't afford to replace my camera.And one of my readers, let's call her Mom (I do!), has asked about Dream Dancer. She's had a little progress in her cape (which is completely invisible to the naked eye) and I've just started working the outer points of her background shield. So, invisible progress is still progress.

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