Saturday, June 6, 2009

Green is the New Blue

Hmmm... As this is the Year of No-Fear Knitting, I've decided to make a sweater. A cardi, in fact, but just a little one. And now, if your name is Marie and you're pregnant, just stop reading right now.
Is she gone? (sigh) Okay, here's a video for Marie: (the rest of us can just slip away and look at what's on the needles.)
Now, Teens, don't get jealous. Your little one got my very first booties. And a sampler.
Of course, they're probably neither one of them reading this. Have I babbled long enough?
Okay, here it is! I was going to post it in progress, but I just couldn't stop to take a picture. Cute, huh? I just love the little stars on the hat. (That got done in ONE DAY!)

And Teens told me all about baby leg warmers. Apparantly, it's the hottest new trend in baby apparel: you can keep their little legs warm, change their diapers, and not fight with putting tiny pants back on. Good idea. I also heard that, if they're long enough, you can cover their little feet with 'em. So, using the same yarn, I'm making leg warmers instead of booties.

In a Garden

Lest you think this has become a knitting exclusive blog, note below that the hanging flowers have grown stems, the birdhouse has begun(on right) and the lemon tree is making progress (on left).

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