Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brushing off the Trail Dust

Yee-haw! Cowboy Christmas has finally finished the trail ride and is in the stable. Quilting wisdom says that a quilt isn't finished until it's labelled, so here's the evidence.You all are my witnesses. It's done!
Prideful & Prejudiced socks are making about as much progress as my slog through the book--I think it's just that I know the story so well, I'm not turning the pages with any anticipation. But I have finally made it to the color work part and I seem to be doing okay.

This is a hat for Tiny. You can barely see it, but there are some subtle sparkles in the yarn that should make for a gently shiny hat.

And then there's the Damn Classy Hand Towel. Since I switched over to wooden needles, I'm actually making some progress. The linen yarn is slippery and behaves better with less slick needles. (yay) And I (ack!) just found the receipt for the yarn. I won't tell you how much it cost, because I would seem like a very silly woman to spend that much on a hand towel. But a damn classy one.

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