Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Mood, Good Quilt

So I was in a bad mood on Friday. I went to PQM group and pulled out the project I planned to work on: most of it was there... well, some of it was there... I just sat there, moving bits of cute red, black, white, and doggie fabric around. Frowning. Finally, I told myself that there was no use trying with that today and put it back in the box. During that time, somebody swooped over to tell me how KAYOOOOOT it was. Hearing "cute" pronounced like that when I'm grumpy was like eating vanilla ice cream with cheese sauce. Both are useful, but. Should. Be. Kept. Separate.
So I decided to use my grump. I went to the Batik boxes (we have like 6!) and yanked out the color of my mood: kind of a blurry brown-purple. Then I found the moods I could go to: that's the blue with sticks and the weird red-brown armadillo fabric. Then the moods I was shooting for: the yellow geometric and the watery blue and brown. Then the color of hope: pale blue and yellow. I added a few more that went with the melange and chopped 'em into 8.5" squares, then laid 'em out. The leaves worked as a border so there ya go. It was completely done by the time I left. See? Bad moods can be useful.

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