Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gotta Owie

I suppose I should share this: I was in a MINOR car accident last Friday. The damage, as you can see, was minimal. My tail light cover was broken and there's a skid along the fender. But the psychic damage was considerable. I'm having nightmares and driving anxiety. This woouldn't be a problem if I lived in an area with great public transportation, but San Diego kinda sucks in that arena. San Diegans drive... a lot! Drive the kid to school, to the gym, to the grocery store... even my church is 22 miles away! Don't even ask how far away my stitchery stores and quilt shops are.
This is rough, but I think I'll get through it. DH says that exercise will really help with the anxiety. He's probably right. (Irritatingly, he usually is.) However, when I'm anxious, I just want to hide out in my studio.
...Which means I have gotten some sewing done:

Presenting Sturbridge Village (almost done)


Pink.Canary said...

Hi! I'm sorry to read you have nightmares because of the accident, I hope you'll be better very soon. Sturbridge Village is a great design and you've done a great job on it! Have a nice day.

Chiloe said...

What a scare ... I'm all scared when someone just cut in front of me so I can imagine how you feel.

You did great in your village!!!