Friday, February 1, 2008

CSI: Quilt Group

Well, I delayed getting in the car as much as I could, but I did get to the meeting.

Today at Prayer Quilt Ministry--I swear, we need a better name than that!--we had some beautiful quilts hanging around. The first three were made by other quilters. These are just a few of 'em:

In the Navy
I think Valerie made this one
This cool quilt whose name I don't know but Sharon made it
Valerie's Flannel Quilt
Lost in the Fabric Jungle
This one I did make, but 4 years ago. My style has changed in the interim, as you may notice. Kimlee brought it back for repairs on little splits that came about from use. Now it's faded and soft from regular washing. It's the Velveteen Rabbit of the quilt world: it's missing an eye and has had all its fur loved off... but it's REAL. Kimlee also knows how much we love to nibble during our meetings and brought in this sweet little cupcake tree. Aren't the roses beautiful? But look at the top. Hmm. Something seems wrong. There's no frosting rose! And a decided tongue print left behind. Valerie, our beloved leader was CSI: Quilt Group all by herself. She spotted that, spun around, and pointed a finger at me! How did she know? Must be DNA evidence...

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Debi said...

Beautiful quilts. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.