Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heart's Progress

You think I spent a little time on this? Just maybe? I have to say I'm really enjoying this sweet project. It calls for only 3 threads colors, but they're overdyed, so have quite a bit of variation. I don't have enough of the "flax" color, so I'll probably get stuck before my order comes in. Boo.

I wanted to point out in the above picture that I've solved the crumpled, folded, mutilated fabric problem. I wound the fabric onto a large knitting needle. Of course, this won't help the vast numbers of projects in progress, but one finger in the dyke saved Haarlem...I've been watching season 3 of Lost while stitching away. It's on my iPod: I've been setting it right on my pattern so I can look back and forth. Modern technology meets old-fashioned girl!

Special outing: we went to Cirque du Soleil: Corteo today--some wonderful stuff!

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