Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Charmed, I'm Sure

On Sunday, I took a fun little class at Quilter's Paradise: Party Charms tote. These are the fabrics I chose:
And this is the tote I made. Cool, huh? It's got topstitching and a magnetic clasp. I am just as thrilled as I can be!

Carol, the teacher was very encouraging and explained every step. She actually adjusted the original pattern to make it work even better.

I've finished all the stitching on Cold Hands, Warm Heart. Now it calls for French knots, but I hate making French knots. So I'm putting in beads instead! This little guy is gonna be done in no time. (Especially with shows like Top Chef on!)

1 comment:

Carol Schwamberger said...

You have done a great job picking out fabric and completing the project so fast. I will finish my tote on Sunday with Beth. Keep up the good work!