Friday, August 10, 2007

SunShower and Snowman

Sunshower got some attention today. Prayer quilts always get attention, and personal quilts get ignored. So sad. Okay, so it has more to do with the fact that Sunshower is a really fun quilt to work on! Those little parasols have been calling out to me ever since I spotted them in the "Ladies' Prints" Bin. (A scary name if ever I heard one, but I was brave and found this little charmer.) Then I hit the scraps and had a blast!

Cold Feet, Warm Heart is almost done. Got a lot of work done while watching "Top Chef!" Just background and backstitching left, as well as French knots. I'm not a real fan of those, so I'll probably put beads in instead.

This was a kit from the Dimensions Daydreams line. Here's the other stuff that came with it. I think it will make a dandy Christmas gift!

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