Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Amazing Six-Hour Quilt

Presenting the amazing... Six-Hour Quilt! This baby was cut and sewn in only six hours: one quilting session. I swear, I think the Holy Spirit got into my sewing machine yesterday! I call it Ballerina blocks. It has 48 6" blocks, only because that's how much fabric I had. The inner burgundy border had 1/2" of leftover fabric (eep!) and the outer border had about 8" by 4" left. (Enough to please Bethie as a little gift!)

I'm not the only creative one in the household, though. My daughter and her bud volunteered to make the banner for their soccer team, The Cherry Bombs. Teamwork made it fly: 3 1/2 hours and done! (And that includes shopping!)

Sad news: I had to spend plenty of time frogging the bottom of Jingle Bell. Boo. That sad little pile of threads in the corner are all that's left of 200 stitches or so. (sniffle)

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