Monday, September 24, 2007


Horsey, Horsey, on your way
We've been together for many a day
So let your tail go swish
As the wheels go round
Giddyap! We're homeward bound! (Girl Scout song)

Yes, I did the horse today. The pattern calls for a brown horse, but my favorite coloring is buckskin! So why not personalize? This one's for me!

Yesterday was a bad day for thinking but a good day for goofy patchwork (i.e. stashbusting!), so that's what I did all day long! Now I have 36 of these blocks--enough for a lap quilt! I think the black I laid it out on would be good for sashing...or maybe a cream? Black would be more masculine and probably sharper, I think. What do you think?

On the cooking front: usually I don't really enjoy cooking, but tonight I got to sous chef for my DH and we made a divine lasagne. He asked, "Would you like this to be your last meal?" I responded, "I want this to be my first meal in heaven!" What a welcome, huh? Just inside the pearly gates are tables set up with all your pals and the most wonderful aroma...


Sweet P said...

Hello! I just found your blog. I like your thinking about the color of your horse. Go with the flow, I always say.

Rose said...

I vote for the black for your sashing! It will be one stunning quilt when finished.