Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Interrupting your regularly scheduled projects to present the current obsession: The Scaredy Cat Tote! I just adore the Beverly Cleary 1950's feel to the illustrations. It's a charm pack from Moda. Make me feel like a kid--can't you just taste candy corn? The colors are vintage-y, too. It seems I only need 1-1/4 yard of coordinating fabric--not like the directions, calling for, um, more. However, the charm pack only had 33 charms, while the pattern calls for 38. I just cut more from the coordinating fabric, but I only have one kind. So the inside pockets may look a little boring, if not odd. What's Hallowe'en without a little weirdness, anyway?

I know I'll only be able to carry this tote for the month of October, so I figure I'd better get it done in a big hurry. I started it this afternoon and, as we had guests for dinner, that took away a fair amount of working time. (Totally worth it: company always makes the food taste better!) If I work tomorrow, I can get it done in time for October 1st!

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Murphy's world said...

Wow you are just going to town with these cute totes. The latest one will be great for October.