Monday, October 8, 2007

The Back is Done!

Yes, Kiwi Twist is now ready for quilting--look out, Yuki!

I was watching an episode of Quilt in a Day and saw that a featured quilter liked to use up the leftovers from her quilts on the back. So, for my back, I used the extra 2 blocks and the leafy fabric to create a panel down the middle. I must admit, some Kiwi fabric is leftover... maybe I'll make a purse!
I'll post a pic soon--I'm having a little trouble with the website.


Marilyn R said...

I was having problems posting photos tonight too. Ugh. I like the back of the quilt. I'll be watching for the photo's of the front!

swooze said...

Aha I found you. I had emailed as your webring signup wasn't quite right but I think I have it. Welcome to the stashbuster webring!