Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jewel of the Orient

We're currently getting the house ready for new carpet, moving stuff from room to room in preparation. My studio will get to keep its unique blueberry carpeting, but that means I get to put a lot more stuff in there. Like mattresses. Remember that beautiful tabletop I cleared off? Well, now it's folded down to make room. So sad...

This is a prayer quilt in progress for Robin, who's dealing with breast cancer. The pattern is Jewel Box and the fabric is Oriental so I'm calling it Jewel of the Orient. I was told she likes peach and sage--the sage came out a little turquoise in the pic-- so I found these in the Asian fabrics.

This will be cut up for the border. I like it so much, though, I may need to get more for the back!

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