Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Old Blocks Become New!

I love love love quilting for charity. I'm so grateful I can help others in this way. When I have orphan blocks, I put them aside until I have enough--5 is my minimum--to send to Marine Comfort Quilts. It's a totally volunteer organization started by a Marine Mom. They put together a complete quilt of 30 blocks and send it to a military family who lost someone in the current conflict. Each of the blocks is signed so the family knows that they are supported by people all over the country. I've even brought in completed blocks to Girl Scout meetings and had them sign 'em.

If you're interested in this organization, here's the link: Marine Comfort Quilts.

All but two of the blocks pictured came from old blocks that never made it into quilts. When I helped to empty a friend's condo (as she was moving to assisted living), we found the cobweb blocks! They were probably twenty years old but in good condition so I framed 'em to get to the regulation 12.5" and signed 'em in the plainer spaces. What a great way to keep such beautiful work alive!

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