Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry, Merry!

Merry Christmas, everyone! My DH did real good for his little wifey this year. There's a new store in Seaport Village called The Cabbage Tree that sells all New Zealand made stuff. He bought me the necklace and the wall piece I liked so much. We went to NZ in 2004 and I LOVED it, so these pieces bring back happy memories.
Look what Cathy With a C gave me! Tons of little scraps. Is it a Christmas gift to a dear friend or a revenge hit on a bitter enemy? No, Cathy never does mean stuff... although we do kid her about being a dictator at PQM when she's left in charge! Now that all the prep work of Christmas is over, sorting scraps sounds kinda fun.


Kathy Wagner said...

Enjoy playing in the scrap bag!
Merry Christmas!

doni said...

Scrap bags are the BEST present - exploring the choices and dreaming about the project. A great way to end the holidays and start the New Year