Sunday, December 2, 2007

Scrap Swap

I was part of a Scrap Swap: I filled an envelope full of scrap fabric (no piece smaller than 2") and sent it off to Connecticut. In turn I received an envelope from Riverside containing these--I asked her to focus on bright and BOY! Did she ever! Fun stuff!

Also, my new favorite store: Quilter's Market in Tuscon. It's almost exclusively bright. It was like walking around inside my own stash! I'll admit to buying one yard of fabric just for stash building.

Now I'm making Ragtime Quilts: this is the first--I hope to finish it today--but I have at least 2 more cut out and ready to rock.

1 comment:

doni said...

Wonderful scrap bag - still waiting for mine! I love to live vicariously!