Saturday, January 5, 2008

Big and Beautiful

Ooh, it's raining! I love the rain the way that only a native San Diegan can. It's like a miracle--water from the sky! It's expected to keep up for a while--yay! Not like our reservoirs are going to overflow or anything, but even a couple of inches makes a difference.Ain't it just lovely? (I can too say that--I didn't make it!) The patterns called "Turning 20" and I'm told it works up fast. (Here's a link to various pictures of Turning 20 Quilts) Pat sewed this up and I couldn't look away.
I volunteered to make a cross back for this particularly large prayer quilt. It's going to a fire victim (no, we don't know which family yet) and our fearless leader decided that larger quilts would be the order of the day so people could snuggle up together with it. That's what we did after the Cedar Fires. Well, this one was so big that it threw off our regular back maker. As it was modern and made with gorgeous Asian fabrics, how could I keep my hot little hands off of it? So here's the back--well, a close-up anyway. As you quilt makers know, the back's even bigger than the top!
Stashbuster Alert!
I went through my Asian fabrics box and used up anything that would work with it (the butterflies on blue and the turquoise were mine.)
I worked on it at our regular Friday meeting and finished it at home on my sweet Little Darling. Note the table it's sitting in. No, that's no typo--it's IN the table. This baby is made for the Singer Featherweight and it's just like the one my Grammie used to use. My parents' friends, Jerry and Carlene, had an extra one (?!) and sent it my way. How blessed am I? And take a look at the scraps I scored! Gotta go. Gotta sew!

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