Saturday, February 23, 2008

... and the Red Thread Continues!

Here's the February installment of the Red Thread. Gosh, I like this project! I almost want to start March now, but discipline is a good thing. You might be able to see where I used the hand-dyed threads as opposed to the standard DMC colors: The hat & little heart and the red thread itself. It's nice to have options. Especially less expensive options!Warm Water Wash is moving right along. The trunks are a little like my DH's, and I've had a black bathing suit with a gold buckle--how funny is that?And here's Liberty Bears! I'd like your opinion. As you can see, the pattern calls for a checkerboard border around the whole thing. I'm thinking of deleting the border and just framing it without. The border seems awfully busy and will just underline the country theme which is not really my style. Will the no-border look just kinda bleed off the edge? Am I just trying to finish it sooner?


Cenoura said...

Hi Desi!
...your Red Thread looks fabulous!
Answering your question, I'm using a half linen/half cotton and also a mix of grey and beige Aida fabrics, which is the first time I've saw that type here in Portugal. Is a beautiful (and much more expensive) soft fabric, very good to work.
Go on on with your great work. March is coming and with it the next part of the project!

Lili said...

Oh my! You've been busy since my last visit!
The red thread looks great and I also love your project on an amazing blue fabric...
Take care,