Sunday, February 17, 2008

Girlfriends Group

Yesterday, I went to something fun: a Girlfriends Group from We met in Point Loma at Panera and brought our knitting (although crochet and other handwork would have been welcome!). I started this baby blanket, Christie was working on a dress (!), Sherry brought a vest she had gotten stuck on--Christie fixed her right up--Heather, our organizer, was working on a cute little dog sweater, and Jillian brought herself back up to speed on the needles. We keep saying how pleasant it is, to get together with "nice, normal women with no drama." (Heh, heh, heh.... wait 'til they really get to know me and my evil twin!)
I put a little tag for the group on the sidebar, beneath my Way Too Many Projects section, so you can check it out. Yes, it's a baby blanket. No, it's not for me. Give that up! I've been wanting to make this pattern for about a year. Now finally someone I know is obliging me by having a baby! Yay! It's all about me, isn't it?

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