Monday, March 31, 2008

Apron Day

I've been meaning to make aprons for some time... heck, maybe a whole year, but I figured out how to get around to it (see the round tuit!)

I put it on the calendar! Last Thursday was Apron Day, celebrated (as far as I know) only in my household. In preparation for Apron Day, I pulled out five fabrics and washed them in warm (cuz that's how I wash a dirty apron). Yeah, five was a little optomistic, but hey! I still have three new aprons. Stashbuster Alert: I used up 3--count 'em 3!--yards of fabric!

History of Apron Day:
Three years ago, our family was traveling to the Caribbean. On the airplane, we were seated in back, close to the galley. The stewardesses all had these DARLING aprons on. I asked and it turned out that the woman I was talking to made them and would bring them on her flights for herself and her co-workers*. So I asked about the pattern and how she made it. She explained and then handed me an extra. "Here, use this as your pattern." I was blown away and very grateful.

So, until Apron Day was made official, I've only made one. And I use it. A lot.
The How-To:
So here's how I did it: I layed out the apron on top of a folded piece and drew around it, leaving a quarter-inch margin. That gave me two identical apron-shaped pieces. I then cut 2.5" strips for the neckstrap and sash. After I sewed the sashes, I pinned them on one of the apron shapes (pointing in, of course!) Then I pinned the other apron shape over the whole thing. I sewed them wrong sides together and left a space open to turn. After I turned it right-side-out, I sewed around the apron shape with a quarter-inch margin, moving the straps out of the way as necessary. With scraps I could make a pocket--absolutely required! I have to have somewhere to put my iPod!

*Note on the hyphenation of co-workers. I know it's not normally hyphenated, but if I don't, it looks like cow orkers. I don't know what orking is, but I'd guess that the cows don't like it.

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